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  :: welcome to Ranger Truck Lines Inc.

The objectives of Ranger Truck Lines Inc. is to safely and profitably, supply Logistic Services to our Customers in an efficient, economical, and timely manner in accordance with Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements & specifications and to continually review quality objective to meet our customer's expectations and demands.

  :: Speciality

Our specialty is hauling freight, to and from Toronto, Montreal and several other parts of Canada, with destinations within Canada and U.S.A.. We have trucks available to haul your freight safely and on-time. We handle diversity of freight from so many destinations, and are confident that we can meet any hauling challenge.

:: SERvices

• RTL is committed to providing a dedicated and personalized service that is best suited to your distribution requirements.
• RTL has quality service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
• RTL has professional operations staff to assist you at anytime 24/7.
• RTL is prolific and best in delivering loads in U.S.A. and Canada deliveries. We are also strong with providing cross dock, and warehousing.


RTL provide dedicated worry free solutions for your transportation needs. We provide 24-hour service, 7 days a week at no extra charge. We also provide flexible contract terms; most of our business is based on long term partnerships. We enjoy an excellent reputation, we aspire to achieve excellence in safety and efficiency and provide specialized services to accommodate the requirements of the most demanding corporate clients.
Our clients get:

• No multi vendor billing, just a seamless billing with RTL Inc.!
• No maintenance charge!
• No insurance charge!
• No driver salary or benefits charge!
• No permits to pay!



• All equipment is available by the load, by the hour or by contract.
• On straight truck contract, it is possible to have your company logo on the vehicle and have the driver in your uniform at no extra charge.
• Should your volume of business require contract service the advantages are in favor of you! The customer.

These services, when coupled with our service guarantee of being available 24 hours 7 days a week at no additional cost makes this an offer you cannot refuse!


Ranger Truck Lines Inc. will provide trained drivers to handle dedicated daily runs.
If there is a problem beyond our control (i.e., weather, accident, traffic delays) and the driver is not able to maintain pick-up and delivery according to schedule, there will be trained drivers on stand-by to assist in the deliveries. Our drivers are equipped with a “Mike” radio system, pager and cellular phones for constant communication. For all deliveries in progress, whether same day or Right Away, we will provide an immediate update on the status of your load. All delays and/or unusual occurrences will be reported immediately by one of our experienced CSR professionals with an explanation and solution.

We will supply all necessary information such as schedules, contact numbers, e-mails, toll free numbers etc. for each key personnel.

Let us be your Carrier Connection

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