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  :: welcome to Ranger Truck Lines Inc.

The objectives of Ranger Truck Lines Inc. is to safely and profitably, supply Logistic Services to our Customers in an efficient, economical, and timely manner in accordance with Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements & specifications and to continually review quality objective to meet our customer's expectations and demands.

  :: Speciality

Our specialty is hauling freight, to and from Toronto, Montreal and several other parts of Canada, with destinations within Canada and U.S.A.. We have trucks available to haul your freight safely and on-time. We handle diversity of freight from so many destinations, and are confident that we can meet any hauling challenge.

:: Equipment
Ranger Trucklines Inc., is a company that has built itself on its commitment to industries with volume fluctuations. During high volume periods, we have made equipment available, repositioned equipment and provided the communication that is required to be transportation partner in a fluctuating industry.

RTL has various pieces of equipment to meet you service needs.
53 Tandem- dry vans equipped with air rides
Single axle and Tandem axle shunt trucks
Single axle and Tandem axle straight trucks
City day cabs and Highway bunk unit Tractors.
  :: Equipment to Meet Your Needs
The heavy duty tractors that supply power in this industry have to be able to haul heavy loads, take the pounding of the highways, while providing comfort and convenience to drivers.RTL tractors are spec’d to optimize all of these factors, and are put through an extensive, full service maintenance program that sees them through their entire useful life until retirement.
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